The Shopify app "Notifications by Segment" allows you to use Shopify's standard "Customer Segments" feature to display any blog post to a specific category of customers. In other words, it is a useful app that combines "customer segments" and "blog posts". Any segment that can be set in "Customer Segment" can be used! Depending on your ideas, it can contribute to smooth store operations and increased sales.

What are customer segments? ... is a standard feature of Shopify that allows you to filter your customer information and status, such as purchase history and address. You can use "Customer Segments" for a variety of marketing purposes. For more information, please see the official Shopify help page.


Special messages can be sent to specific categories of customers!

Information sent to a specific category of customers is received as a special message delivered only to them. You can reach customers who cannot be reached through normal marketing methods such as blogs and e-mail newsletters. Customers must be logged in to the store.

The number of displays and design can be freely changed to match the store's design!

From the Shopify administration screen, you can freely change the number of articles displayed, background color, text color, border color, etc. for each unread and read article to match your store design. You can also add badge marks to menus, etc. Some knowledge of code editing is required. Please refer to the manual for details.

How to Use

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30-day free trial.

*Billed in US Dollars.
*There is no limit based on the number of accesses.
We do not support Shopify's new account system.
Up to 50 blog posts can be notified.