1. Operating environment and installation

Required operating environment

The environment required for Monjia to operate is as follows.

  • Your store must be active on Shopify
  • Account must be a valid store
  • The store must be using an old account.

*Currently, new accounts are not supported.


Activate your account

This feature is displayed to logged-in customers, so your account must be enabled and you can log in.


Setup steps

1. Open "Customer Account" from "Settings" at the bottom left of the management screen and select "Edit".


2. Check "Show login link in the header of online store and at checkout" and select "Classic customer accounts".



Back up your theme before installing.

- Select "Online Store"  >  "Themes"

- Select "..." to the left of "Customize".

Select either "duplicate" or "download theme file" for backup.


Installing the app

Install Monjia:notify with segment from the Shopify app store.

From the Shopify app store search, enter "Monjia" and search.

Select "Add app" to move to the installation screen.


A permission confirmation screen will be displayed. If you agree to the contents, please proceed with the installation.


Installation is complete when the dashboard is displayed. 


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